Is it gymnastic gear or dynamic sitting?

Sitting down may be tantamount to being sedentary. The term “sedentary” comes from the Latin sedentarius,”sitting”, and indicates any kind of activity that takes place with very little movement.

What if a gymnastic training tool could also be used as an alternative seat to the traditional one? If we had a dynamic session capable of strengthening the muscles and improving balance, flexibility, coordination and posture?

Wellness Ball Active Sitting is the product that allows you to make involuntary micro movements from sitting. It can be used when at work, at home or even on holiday.Similar to a fitness ball but with added safety/hygiene benefits and training guides.Benefits also include being able to sit quietly and with little exercises, strengthening the muscles of the Core.

Why is it important to train The Core?

According to a broader view, Core includes all muscles between shoulders and pelvis and has a link function, i. e. linking the lower limbs with the upper limbs. The core includes not only the abdominal muscles (rect abdomen, oblique and transverse) but also the paraspinal muscles, lumbar square, pelvic floor muscles, buttocks and hip flexors.

Any posture that the body assumes or movement that it carries out, interests and is influenced by the Core, whether it be movements of displacement of the entire body or secondary movements of the lower or upper limbs only. So, given that Core is a muscular fulcrum of the body, the point from where the movement starts, it is better to train it. Having a trained Core means in fact having the body strong, resistant and that moves with ease.

Safe and suitable for everyone, everywhere


On the terrace, in the park, in the garden, on the beach, at home? Each place becomes a suitable corner to strengthen your stabilizing muscles.

Compact, comfortable and interactive, with functionality designed in every detail, the Exercise Ball improves posture and helps to strengthen muscles that protect the spine. Effortlessly, at any time and wherever you are, simply sitting. By carrying out specific exercises, on the other hand, it allows you to tone all your muscles, especially Core, and to improve balance and flexibility.

The double density of the seat, which is weighed down in the lower part, allows greater stability and therefore comfort in every situation and does not dirty clothes, being always the densest part that is in contact with the ground.

How use Wellness Ball Active Sitting

If you plan to use Wellness Ball Active Ball Sitting in the office, we recommend gradually increasing the time of use in this way:
first day: one hour
second day: two hours;
the third day: four hours, adding mobilisation exercises;
fourth to tenth day: from four to six hours, adding mobilization and toning exercises;
from day 10: at will;
don’t forget to get up often for short walks.

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