Did you know that there is a really safe equipment that can be used for sports training as well as starting a physical activity programme from scratch? It is the stationary bike. Here is a guide on how to use it, how to exercise right and the benefits you can obtain from it.

You can have one at home or use one in the gym; it may help you prepare for competitive sporting events when the weather prevents you from venturing out or working out safely: whatever your requirements, the stationary bike is the best equipment for a controlled cardiovascular workout.

Since it allows low-impact joint movement, it is also suitable for those suffering from joint problems, elderly people and pregnant women.
But you must choose the right model and the most appropriate workout position.
How can you be sure to do so? By following our advice.

How to measure your workout intensity

When calculating your workout intensity, the parameter used is the Watt. This is a unit of measurement that measures pedalling resistance.
Another significant parameter for your exercise regime is the RPM value (pedal revolutions per minute) which provides a speed reading.

How can you achieve the highest degree of cardiovascular efficiency compared to these parameters?
Here is a very handy piece of advice, which has no impact on advanced training theories: you need to try and pedal at a higher resistance, whilst attempting to prevent at the same time your heart rate from increasing too much.

The best workout for beginners

The safety of the stationary bike means that it has very few contraindications and it is even suitable if it is your very first time working out. The only advice we can give you, for increased monitoring, is to use the heart rate monitor, which will allow you to work out in even safer conditions as far as your heart is concerned.

Obviously, as is the case for any physical activity, you should avoid overexerting yourself. You should also remember to warm up beforehand and stretch afterwards.

Why it’s important to train the Core?

Any posture that the body assumes or movement that it carries out interests and is influenced by the Core, whether it be movements of displacement of the entire body or whether it be secondary movements of the lower or upper limbs only. So, given that Core is a muscular fulcrum of the body, the point from where the movement starts, it is better to train it. Having the coached core means in fact having the body strong and resistant, which moves with ease.

Which is the right model for you?


Classic upright bike

Also called the City Bike , it mimics the characteristics and motion of a road bicycle.

The position you assume during this exercise is contracted, with the torso leaning forwards, and for this reason it is suitable for anyone wanting a high-performance workout.

Recline bike

The Recline bike has a comfortable and accessible seat which allows you to assume a more open workout position, with the shoulders and back under control.

During movement, the body can be supported by a backrest which adjusts to suit your body; this means it can be used with complete peace of mind, regardless of your physical condition.



Indoor bike

The indoor bike is similar to a city bike, but offers mechanical resistance and has a special flywheel that controls pedalling speed.This means that, through the power of your pedalling, you can adjust your own training intensity.

For this reason, it may be suitable for you if you are looking for a particularly intense aerobic workout or if you need to prepare for a competitive sporting event.

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