Due to the diverse demands of Soccer, it is essential that all athletes are equipped with the appropriate training regime, and develop the necessary qualities to enhance physiological performance.
There are multiple aspects to consider when improving the physiological aspects of soccer performance:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Stamina

One of the most essential aspects being stamina. Combining both cardiovascular and muscular endurance, having a greater level of stamina will aid in the ability to perform more efficiently in a competitive environment.

With the use of TechnoGym’s new SKILLMILL™ all soccer players will be able to develop multiple physiological demands of the sport. With the ability to differentiate intensity with a gradual incline/ decline of resistance or an interval related condition the SKILLMILL™ provides every necessary condition.
Having good stamina within soccer allows the performers to execute a unique skill set with a greater ability due to the correlation it has with reduced rates of fatigue.

When training to improve your stamina it is essential to remembers the necessity of both Cardiovascular and Muscular endurance, with a sports specific approach. The exercises below demonstrate the ability to use the SKILLMILL™ for stamina development in soccer performance.

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