How to run the right way

If you can walk, then you can run right? Well, not exactly. Firstly, many people have very poor walking techniques and these often translate into how they run. Add to this, incorrect shoes and constant pounding on hard surfaces, then what began as an activity to improve overall health and well-being can end up causing you serious damage.

Worse still, most runners with poor technique don’t notice the damage they are causing until years later, when the effects of worn cartilage and inflamed joints become more pronounced. So how do you know if you are running incorrectly? A good “tell” would be to listen to your body: if your arms, shoulders or back hurt or feel tense during training, you need a form adjustment.

Common Mistakes

Unnecessary twisting movements

Over swinging the arms causes the shoulders to rotate the upper body from side to side. To regain proper alignment, think of the body as having a central line (like the zip of a jacket). If you can see your thumb, your hands are likely crossing the line. Also, think about reaching into an imaginary back pocket as you swing your arms back to extend your reach in a straight line.


Running in a slouching posture

Poor posture diverts the energy that you could use to improve your running speed and distance and leads to many common injuries. When you run, imagine your head is being pulled up by a string that feeds through the centre of your body and out the top of your head. This string is stretching you up towards the sky, forcing the back of your head to align correctly with your spine.


How you run is determined by the strength and flexibility of certain muscles and how your body is built. Consequently, aim to run “naturally” that is, in a way that complements rather than counteracts your body’s make up. The MYRUN Technogym treadmill’s RUNNING RATE innovative algorithm helps you understand what your stride, cadence and oscillation is, therefore helping you improve your running style and so increase your speed and efficiency.


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