St. Julian’s

  • Cardio equipment
  • Strength equipment
  • Functional equipment

Functionality and efficiency are at the heart of our latest project.

The office staff at Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) now get to enjoy a gym which caters for their precise needs. Borne out of a collaboration between Vivendo Wellness and CVC Architecture, the new office gym is equipped for high intensity interval training, allowing staff to complete their workouts in no-time, ensuring that the work (and blood) keeps flowing.

The move mixed a lot of new into the old formula as the Kinesis machine has been upgraded and the entire Pure Strength section has been replaced with new counterparts. However, he adds that Skillmill is the real show-stealer. It's a slick piece of engineering that doesn't only look the part; it allows the user to regulate speed without tweaking any manual controls.

Alan Curry, Chief instructor at Chic Physique