Circuit Training

Circuit training is commonly identified as a method using multiple exercises consecutively; 3+ exercises depending on the complexity of the exercise selection. Each exercise can vary in duration, generally lasting a minimum of 30 seconds, with rest intervals dependent on intensity and duration of
the previous exercise.


Due to the nature of circuit training, moderate to high intensity activity is performed for an allocated duration. This approach can provide benefits such as burning excess body fat, developing lean muscle tissue and improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Considering this, health benefits such as an improved cardiovascular and respiratory system is concurrent. Conjunctively a reduction in the onset of health related conditions such as Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and coronary heart disease is also apparent when excess body fat is managed.


With thoughtful consideration to the benefits of circuit training Technogym have created Omnia-8, an 8-stationed piece of equipment catering for all individuals allowing the opportunity to train every major muscle group within a circuit.


The addition of kettle bells, Plyoboxes, battle ropes and additional accessory equipment such as  ARKE  offers a diverse, specific approach to Circuit training ensuring an optimal outcome and definite improvements.

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